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NGK Spark Plugs & Oxygen Sensors / Iridium Spark Plugs | Platinum Spark Plugs | Laser iridium Spark Plugs | Oxygen Sensors

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When it comes to spark plugs, NGK is the World Leader. Makers of spark plugs, sparkplug wires and oxygen sensors for virtually every automotive, motorcycle, marine, industrial and small engine application, NGK dominates the world market. NGK is famous for the “V-Groove” sparkplug, the Iridium IX sparkplug and platinum plugs. NGK sparkplugs, wire sets and sensors are used for racing, high performance, sport compacts and light trucks. NGK Iridium plugs are exceptional for use in nitrous fueled, fuel injection and turbo charged engines. NGK is also the original equipment for the majority of the world's auto manufacturers. A substantial number of NGK Spark Plugs and oxygen sensors sold in the United States are made right here in America.

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